What are the Most Common Causes of Crashes between a Car and a Motorcycle?

What are the Most Common Causes of Crashes between a Car and a Motorcycle?

What are the Most Common Causes of Crashes between a Car and a Motorcycle?

Regardless of the type of motorcycle accident that a person is involved in, it can lead to significant damages. This is due to the open structure of a motorcycle and the exposure to the external environment. Motorcycle accidents may occur due to rider fault, mechanical complications, or road issues. Another cause of motorcycle accidents is from collisions with cars. There are many factors that might lead to a crash between a car and a motorcycle, and some of the common causes are detailed below.


When a car is traveling at a high speed, it may be difficult for them to stop in time to avoid crashing into a motorcycle. Many motorcycle rear-ending accidents occur from speeding, and they can lead to significant injury. The high speed of the car may throw the rider off their bike and lead to severe physical harm or even death. 

Reckless and Careless Driving

Reckless driving occurs when a driver acts dangerously or negligently while operating their vehicle. This can be from high speeds, driving impaired or under the influence, or by making easily avoidable mistakes like checking their mirrors and blind spots.

Impaired Driving

Many car and motorcycle accidents happen due to the driver of the car being impaired. Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs can lower their inhibitions and decrease the speed of their reflexes. This puts motorcyclists at risk, as they may not stop in time or even realize that a motorcycle is approaching their vehicle’s radius. 

Distracted Driving

Like impaired driving, when a driver is distracted, they may not be paying appropriate attention to the road. Types of distractions may include eating or drinking, or cell phone use. Cell phone distractions are becoming more common, thus leading to more distracted drivers on the road. 

Poor Road Maintenance

Sometimes, roads are improperly maintained. This might look like unmarked lanes, poor lighting, or significantly obstructed views. If a driver made a mistake due to dangerous road conditions, you might be able to file a claim against the city. 

Bad Weather

Riding a motorcycle in poor weather conditions can be dangerous due to poor visibility and slick roads. This can cause either your bike to lose traction or another vehicle to lose control and crash into you. Bad weather conditions can lead to serious motorcycle and car accidents.  

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