Loss of Limbs and Amputation

Loss of Limbs and Amputation

In the United States, there are almost 2 million people living with limb loss. While many people suffer amputations or limb disfigurement due to a disease or medical condition,  amputations due to accidents on the road or construction sites are also common.

Amputations can result from a number of circumstances. Primarily, they are divided into four categories:

Dysvascular Amputations

The term “dysvascular” is used to signify amputations that are acquired from or the result of poor circulation in a limb. Vascular means relating to, affecting, or consisting of vessels, especially those that transport blood. The prefix “dys” originates from the Greek meaning of bad, abnormal, impaired, or difficult. According to the non-profit organization Amputee Coalition, dysvascular amputations result from vascular diseases like diabetes and account for 82% of total limb losses.

Trauma-Related Amputations

A person may undergo serious physical trauma after being involved in an accident. The injuries they sustain may make amputation necessary. Trauma-related amputations are the second most frequent. 72% of these procedures are done with limbs of the upper body.

Cancer-Related Amputations

To prevent cancer from spreading from one limb to the rest of the body, an amputation may be needed. An arm or leg may also be removed if thoroughly ruined by cancer. A third of amputations related to cancer include lower limbs.

Congenital Amputations

A congenital amputation is one that is required if the hand and/or arm did not fully develop before birth. The most common procedures are at the mid-forearm, the wrist, and the humerus.

An experienced loss of limbs attorney in Chicago will work with victims of amputation so they can obtain monetary awards for their medical costs, pain and suffering, and other damages.

Artificial Limbs

Many who have undergone an amputation or have lost a limb are eligible for prosthetics that can be worn over the site of the amputation. As with amputations, there are four primary types of prosthetics: 

  • Transtibial replaces the portion of the leg below the knee
  • Transfemoral replaces the portion of the leg above the knee
  • Transradial replaces the portion of the arm below the elbow and
  • Transhumeral replaces the portion of the arm above the elbow


Disfigurement is the harmful alteration of a person’s physical appearance resulting in a change that is permanent. Because of its visibility, disfigurement of the face is one of the more severe forms. A person’s legs, arms, hands, feet, and any other body part may also become disfigured.

Scarring is one of the main causes of disfigurement. Other causes include mishaps during an amputation, third-degree burns, birth defects, and cancer.

In addition to the loss of wages and mounting medical expenses, a family may experience an enormous amount of pain and suffering resulting from this type of misfortune. A loss of limbs attorney in Chicago will make sure you work with a team of knowledgeable lawyers who will help you acquire fair and full compensation if you have lost a limb or sustained a disfigurement due to someone else’s negligence. Contact our firm today to get started!

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