Commuter Train Accidents

Commuter Train Accidents

Commuter trains are an immense convenience that allows mass numbers of commuters to get to work – and other places they need to be – each day, while also reducing their carbon footprint, helping to alleviate traffic congestion, and subtracting the hassle of parking from the commuting equation. When commuter train accidents happen, however, they tend to be as dangerous as their claims are complicated. If or someone you love has been injured in a commuter train accident, you need an experienced Chicago train accident attorney in your corner.

Train Accidents: Why They Happen

Train accidents – just like other kinds of accidents – are often the result of human error. Train engineers, for example, are just as susceptible to driver negligence as anyone else is, but when they do engage in negligent practices, the stakes are even higher. 

Engineer Negligence

When a train engineer is distracted by anything other than driving the commuter train in question safely, dangerous accidents can ensue. Engineers owe their train passengers a serious duty of care that excludes dangerous distractions and other forms of negligence. Further, when a train engineer chooses to exceed a speed that is safe, he or she allows less time for avoiding collisions and helps to ensure that any resulting accidents will be that much more serious.

The Commuter Train Company

The commuter train company also bears significant responsibility when it comes to train accidents. Track and roadbed maintenance is essential to safe commuter trains, and when this important form of maintenance isn’t prioritized, it sets the stage for dangerous train accidents, which can include life-threatening derailments. Mechanical failure is another issue that frequently causes or contributes to deadly commuter train accidents and for which commuter train companies are ultimately responsible. 

Common Causes of Commuter Train Accidents

While every commuter train accident is unique to the circumstances involved, the majority fall into the following general categories of cause:

  • Engineers who speed or are exhausted, distracted, or otherwise negligent
  • Engineers who are reckless
  • Inadequate maintenance of train beds and tracks
  • Inadequate inspections of trains and/or tracks
  • Equipment that is defective
  • Equipment or mechanical failures
  • Train platforms that are made slippery or otherwise dangerous by spills, debris, uneven surfaces, and other tripping hazards
  • Slipping or tripping hazards onboard the trains themselves
  • Railroad crossings that are inadequately marked and/or protected
  • Railroad tracks that are littered with debris or other objects

Commuter train accidents happen, and they put many people at risk of being seriously injured. 

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