Truck Accident Attorney Chicago

Truck Accident Attorney Chicago

Truck Accident Attorney Chicago

When people feel exhausted, overwhelmed, or in pain, they often say that they feel like they got hit by a truck. Actually, getting hit by a truck upends your life more than you could ever imagine. Even if you make a full recovery from your injuries, the medical bills follow you around for years; bill collectors harass you, and in the worst cases, they even sue you and get the court’s permission to garnish money from your bank account. In many cases, people injured in accidents involving commercial trucks continue to suffer from chronic pain and other troublesome symptoms for years after the accident. The Chicago truck accident and semi accident lawyers at Saks, Robinson, and Rittenberg can help you get the money you need to cover your injury-related financial losses after a truck accident.

Why are Truck Accidents So Dangerous?

Two cars can collide in a fender bender, but whenever a commercial truck collides with another vehicle, serious damage and bodily injuries usually result. The main reason for this is that commercial trucks are so big. A collision between an 18-wheeler and a passenger car is like a fight between a Doberman pinscher and a mouse. Furthermore, truck brakes are different from car brakes, so it takes more time and distance for a truck to come to a complete stop than a car. Truck accidents usually occur on busy interstate highways, so they can easily cause multi-vehicle pileups in which dozens of people get injured.

The injuries resulting from a truck accident can be severe. These can include amputation of body parts, burn injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries. Even if you are spared the worst injuries, you may still require hospitalization, months of recovery time, and years of residual symptoms.

How to Win a Truck Accident Case

People injured in truck accidents have the right to seek compensation for their medical bills and other injury-related losses by filing a truck accident lawsuit. In order to win your case, you must prove that the truck accident caused your injuries and you incurred financial losses, including but not limited to medical bills, as a result of the accident. Because trucking companies are legally responsible for any damage caused by their trucks, you can still get money from a truck accident lawsuit or insurance claim even if the truck driver was not 100% at fault for the accident.

How Much Money Can a Chicago Truck Accident Lawyer Help You Get?

Your main objective in a truck accident lawsuit or insurance claim is to break even, not to get rich. You have the right to compensation for your accident-related medical bills; if your health insurance paid for some of your medical expenses, you may need to reimburse your insurance company out of the settlement money. If you had to leave the workforce temporarily or permanently because of your injuries, you also have the right to compensation for your lost income.

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