Train Accident Injury Lawyer Chicago

Train Accident Injury Lawyer Chicago

Chicago is the largest U.S. rail gateway, and train transportation is one of the safest ways to get around Chicago. Though not as common as auto accidents, accidents involving trains and railroads do happen more often than we realize. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS), there were 629 deaths and 7001 injuries involving the railroad system in the U.S. in 2019. 

Not only can train injuries be severe, but the resulting legal claims can be particularly complicated and technical. Always seek help from a train accident injury lawyer in Chicago.

Types of Train Accidents

Railroad accidents can take the following forms, among others:

  • A train derailing and causing damage to nearby persons and properties 
  • A pedestrian on the track being run over by a train
  • A collision between a train and a car
  • A Collision between two trains 

In addition, many different parties might be liable or share liability for a train accident. These include:

  • The train operator
  • The railroad company
  • The train manufacturer
  • A third party, for example, someone who pushes another off a platform 
  • An employer if the accident occurred in the course of employment 

Why You Need an Experienced Lawyer to Represent You in Your Train Accident Claim in Chicago

Train accidents are quite complex and may involve multiple potentially liable parties. Identifying the liable party and determining how their negligence contributed to the accident may be difficult as the liable party will rarely volunteer information that will incriminate them without being compelled or ordered to do so through the court system. 

An experienced lawyer knows what to look for, where to look for it and how to use this information obtained to persuade the liable party to offer a reasonable settlement or get a favorable verdict if the case goes to trial.  

The lawyers at Saks, Robinson & Rittenberg Ltd., have extensive experience in conducting detailed investigations and obtaining the evidence required to win a case. We present the strongest possible case to the insurance companies and don’t stop negotiating until you obtain the full financial recovery you need and deserve.

You May Recover Damages in a Train Accident in Chicago Even if You Were Negligent

When you are involved in a train or railroad accident, the liable party may try to avoid liability by arguing, for example, that you trespassed onto the track. However, because Illinois applies the comparative negligence law, you may still be able to recover some damages if it can be shown that the other party’s negligence was the major contributing factor in the accident. Ill-maintained tracks, speeding, or distraction of the operator are some examples of how the other party may be negligent in a railroad accident. 

Train accidents often result in severe injuries and may lead to permanent disability. If you are able to prove your train accident case, you are entitled to recover damages for medical costs, property damages, loss of earnings, and more.

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