Chicago Injury Law Firm

Chicago Injury Law Firm

Accidents happen in life – each year, each day, and each second. Over the course of each year, accidental injuries happen in the millions, including:

That’s a lot of injuries, a lot of pain, and a lot of suffering to be had, and the sad matter of fact is that a lot of that pain is preventable. Far too often, these accidents stem from another person’s careless, reckless, and calloused negligence. Even if the negligent party or parties isn’t physically present and visible, their negligence will be made known and visible.

Defective vehicle parts. A sidewalk slicked in black ice. A pallet jack or integral component coming loose. All of these things could result from another individual’s negligence, and all of these things deserve to be held to account. Find out how you can do so with the help of a trusted Chicago Injury Law firm.

How Does Personal Injury Law Work?

Personal injury lawsuits entail holding a person, persons, or entities to account for negligence that contributed or led to your injury. They may not have necessarily intended to hurt you, but the person(s) at fault still had to perform the bare minimum to keep you safe and minimize that injury risk.

This is the implicit social contract we’re all expected to follow, and one that is flagrantly violated by instances of negligence. Although you may never fully recover the quality of life or things you’ve lost prior to the injury, the point of a personal injury lawsuit is to recoup the losses and damages that are recoverable. These could include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of consortium
  • Emotional distress
  • Pain and suffering

It’s important to save as many records of these damages as possible, such as bills, receipts, photographic evidence, prescriptions, or corroborating statements from reliable witnesses. Moreover, it’s important to work with a focused Chicago injury law firm that can effectively compile this evidence into a strong, robust case.

Why Is Personal Injury Law Important?

Even if you weren’t deliberately hurt or subject to bodily harm, that bodily harm is still not something to be taken lightly. It could drastically alter your quality of life, put you in near-constant chronic pain, and, depending on your line of work, impede your ability to make the gainful living you once did.

Therefore, if another person’s negligence was in any way contributory to that bodily harm, intentionally or unintentionally, it’s important that they be held to account. It’s also worth remembering that Illinois is a modified comparative negligence state, meaning that if you’re determined to hold 50 percent or more fault for your accident, you won’t be able to receive compensation for any damages. 

That’s why personal injury law is so important, and that’s why it’s so important to work with a competent Chicago injury law firm.

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We’ve won millions in compensatory awards for complex injury cases across a wide range of practice areas. If you find yourself having suffered through the misfortune of such a complex case, we can help you sort out those complexities. 

Even though the statute of limitations to file a personal injury case in Illinois is two years, you shouldn’t wait. Contact Saks, Robinson, & Rittenberg Ltd. today to learn more.

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