Chicago Burn Injury Lawyer

Chicago Burn Injury Lawyer

According to the World Health Organization:

  • An estimated 180,000 deaths per year are caused by burns
  • Low and middle-income populations are the most vulnerable to burns
  • Burn injuries have cost over $211 million USD
  • Burn injuries mainly occur in the home or workplace
  • The majority of burn injuries are preventable

All manner of things could cause such burn injuries, but more often than not, they stem from the singular root cause of another person’s negligence. If you or a local loved one suffered such a grievous, agonizing abrasion, learn how a Chicago burn injury lawyer can help you recoup some of those losses and seek the accountability you deserve.

Burn Injury Lawsuit Settlements

There are a few types of burn injuries one could suffer:

  • Friction burns, caused by abrasion with rough surfaces
  • Cold “burns,” caused by contact with something freezing
  • Thermal burns, caused by flames, scalding, or contact with extreme heat
  • Chemical, electrical, or radiation burns, caused by unsafe exposure

Friction burns are extremely common in motor vehicle crashes, particularly when a motorcycle is involved and the motorist is more vulnerable and exposed to safety hazards. The latter three types of burns, on the other hand, are usually commonly caused in the home or workplace. 

In either case, in either residential or commercial properties, there are very rigorous rules and regulations implemented that are supposed to keep the risk for such burn injuries at a minimum. The National Fire Protection Association has over 300 codes and suggested standards for burn injury prevention in properties, and OSHA rules mandate that workplaces must have a fire prevention plan implemented.

Even if no visible person(s) presently resulted in your burn injury, the entity that owns the premises may still be negligent and culpable in your injury by not adequately following these safety standards. Moreover, even if you don’t work in a job with an active burn injury risk, electrical fires could still happen in an office job.

If your vehicle suddenly catches fire and you crash, even without another negligent driver, the vehicle manufacturer may be partially at fault for providing you a defective product. A wide, complex miasma of factors could result in your injuries, which is why it’s important to sift through these complexities with the help of an experienced Chicago Burn Injury Attorney. 

How Much Compensation Do You Get For A Burn Injury?

Obviously, compensation and damages you are eligible to claim vary widely case by case. They could range from a couple of thousands of dollars to well over a million dollars. The types of damages you could be eligible to receive in such a burn injury case include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Funeral and burial expenses (if your loved one lost their life)
  • Loss of consortium
  • Lost wages 

Out of pocket, researchers have ascertained that the mean cost of burn injuries is a little over $15,000. That may not sound like a lot in the grand scope of a person’s total net worth, but when you consider that the average person struggles to afford a $400 emergency expense (per the Federal Reserve), then it’s a difficult burden to shoulder.

It could mean the difference between making utility bills, rent, car payments, or other essential living expenses. This is a not burden to be taken lightly and not one which you should shoulder alone. 

Seek Help from a Chicago Burn Injury Lawyer

We’ve won millions in worker’s compensation and complex personal injury cases before in our dedicated, passionate advocacy for the injured. If you’re seeking justice, accountability, or some recouped losses in light of a burn injury, then we’re ready and willing to fight for you.

Burn injury cases fall under a two-year statute of limitations in the state, but if you or a loved one was victimized in a case, do not hesitate to contact our office to speak with the team at Saks, Robinson, & Rittenberg Ltd.

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