$5,500,000.00 settlement in a rear end crash.  Our investigation uncovered the fact that the driver of the box truck that hit our client had illegal drugs in his system.  We made sure that our client received home modifications and a wheelchair-accessible van while the case was still pending so that her suffering would be minimized.

$2,910,000.00 settlement in a multi vehicle truck crash on I-90 where our client sustained back and leg injuries. Prosecution of this case required trips up to Minnesota and Ontario, Canada and multiple experts were hired to opine on liability and damages issues.

$2,500,000.00 settlement for a client who broke his hip when a sidewalk freight elevator in Chicago’s loop opened up under his feet and threw him to the ground.  We obtained testimony from some of Chicago’s best physicians to show why this periprosthetic hip fracture was much more severe than a typical hip fracture.

$1,500,000.00 settlement in a fatal trucking accident. Our client was working for a sole proprietor, but we were able to discover workers compensation coverage and obtain workers compensation death benefits in addition to the settlement from the at-fault truck.

$1,210,466.00 jury verdict for the daughter of a driver who died when he drove his van into the trailer of a semi-truck that had parked in the middle of I-294.  Our investigation uncovered that the semi-truck driver maintained false logbooks, had been driving well in excess of his allowed hours, and had left his vehicle unattended in the middle of the highway without setting out warning triangles or flares.  Before trial began, the trucking company offered only $110,000 to settle – mainly because the daughter lived in Ecuador and was unable to get a visa to visit the USA.  Attorney Steve Saks flew down to Ecuador and presented the daughter’s video testimony from the US Embassy in Quito.  After a trial lasting over a week, the jury quickly rendered a verdict in favor of our client.

$525,000.00 workers compensation settlement to a union cement mason who had a career ending injury. This client came to us after his previous workers compensation attorney negotiated a $45,000.00 settlement – which he did not accept. By choosing our services, our client received a settlement that was 11 times higher than the one his previous attorney had tried to get him to accept.

$443,000 verdict in a retaliatory discharge bench trial against a grocery store that fired our workers compensation client for remaining off work on his doctor’s orders.

$405,000 retaliatory discharge settlement against a major corporation who fired our client when she chose to listen to her own doctor’s advice to remain off work instead of the employer’s hired doctor who said she could return.

Countless permanent total disability and wage differential awards in Workers Compensation cases.

Numerous substantial personal injury verdicts, settlements, and arbitration awards.