Workers’ Rights

If you have been wrongfully fired for filing a workers compensation claim, we can help you.

We have had significant success in prosecuting workers compensation retaliatory discharge cases due to our extensive experience practicing before the Illinois Workers Compensation Commission.   This is experience that many “employment lawyers” do not possess.  We have the knowledge, resources, and tenacity to take your case to trial if your former employer refuses to fairly settle your case.

If you elect to receive workers compensation benefits, it is UNLAWFUL for your employer to take any retaliatory action against you.  They cannot fire you for choosing to follow your doctor’s advice.  They cannot force you to go back to work before your doctor says you can.  They cannot fire you for exercising any rights or remedies granted by the Workers Compensation Act.  Are your potential attorneys prepared to fight back if your employer crosses the line?  We handle retaliatory discharge cases in State and Federal Courts.

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