Workers Compensation



We get your medical bills paid. We get you temporary total disability payments if you are off work.  We get you the best settlement that we can at the end of your case, or we’ll take the case to trial if the insurance company is being unfair.

If hurt at work, do not negotiate with your employer by yourself.  Do not expect them to treat you fairly.  Do not leave your health and livelihood in the hands of your employer or their insurance company.  It is in your best interests to hire a competent, knowledgeable, worker’s compensation attorney. The lawyers of Rittenberg, Buffen, Gulbrandsen, Robinson & Saks are highly experienced in negotiating and litigating workers’ compensation claims. If you have been injured in the workplace, contact us today to discuss how we can help you.

If you become injured at work, it doesn’t matter whether anybody did anything wrong that caused you to get hurt.  As long as you are injured while performing your job, you are covered under the Illinois Workers Compensation Act – even if it’s your own fault.

It is always in your best interests to hire a competent workers compensation attorney right away.  Doing so is the best way to ensure that you get the benefits you deserve, and it will also provide job protection.  An employer cannot fire you for exercising your rights under the Workers Compensation Act.  Is your Workers Compensation Attorney experienced in ancillary employment matters and retaliatory discharge?  We are, and our cases have established the law in Illinois protecting worker rights.


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